Every season we catch a large numbers of individuals touting tickets; these people are appropriately sanctioned and are subsequently suspended from purchasing tickets and attending fixtures. This means that more tickets are made available to for Official Members to purchase directly from the club. We want this success to continue into all future seasons, with our ultimate aim being to eliminate ticket touting at Old Trafford entirely. 

At each fixture, both home and away, the club have operations in place to identify ticket touts who are making a living from your match day experience by selling tickets at an inflated price. These tickets are often invalid, leaving fans that have purchased these tickets and travelled to the stadium disappointed. 

We recognise that a majority of touted tickets are purchased online through unauthorised and unofficial sources, and have taken on board the feedback from fans in relation to ticket touts. Whilst in the first instance the club would usually advise against purchasing tickets from unofficial websites, if you have purchased a ticket from anywhere other than manutd.com/tickets, and/or at an inflated price, please provide us with the details of your purchase at your earliest convenience by emailing [email protected]

If you can help us, we may be able help you by providing you with a ticket to another home game* as well as allowing use of the tickets you have purchased if the information is verified in advance of a match day. The information will be investigated by our dedicated Ticket Touting and Compliance Officer, and the club will address this issue whilst you can attend the game you had been looking forward to at no extra cost. Please note that all information we receive from supporters is confidential and will, under no circumstances, be disclosed to the individual who has resold their tickets.

If you have any other information regarding touting related issues, these should also be reported using the email address provided.

*Terms and Conditions apply